Plumber Required?

Spring is here do you require a new bathroom, kitchen in your property or downstairs toilet, maybe some smaller home improvements? Do you have problems with your water pressure? Have you considered changing to mixer taps? Do you know how to create a drain system for your heating system without spilling a drop? Have you ever tried to turn off your main-water, is is easy to access, is it stuck? if so this can be resolved. These are some of the jobs Mr Repair can do for you. Call today for further information.

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Storm Damage

Did your property suffer in the storm.  We can offer the repairs required whether it be fixing the shed or your garden fence to clearing away the storm debris. Or if you just require a tidy up before the winter months really settle in then call us today for a free quote or to book a time with us. We can also check your heating system at a time convenient to you before the really cold weather hits, avoiding emergency calls outs at additional costs.

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Paypal card reader

Mr Repair now offering more options for payment with Paypal
card reader. This is a new secure way to pay onsite with your credit or debit
card at no extra cost with no need for an account, email address or password
simplifying the payment transaction for both parties.  To discuss any plumbing requirements or handyman work please contact us anytime.  We
provide an emergency plumber 24/7 in Guildford, Ash, Farnham, Woking,
Farnborough and surrounding areas. For larger jobs please call us to discuss
and if necessary we can arrange a free quote for you.

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New Year

It’s a new year and a new start, if you have given thought
to a installing a new bathroom or kitchen look no further. We offer competitive
prices that include good quality materials and you will not be disappointed
with the results.  Maybe a new floor needs to be laid or your house repainted, garden organised in time for summer. We also offer bathroom design and installation in your home. Many of our customers come back to us time and time again. Please call today to arrange a time we can visit to give you a quote or please call us for further information on
the work we do.

For small jobs you can pay by the hour or book us for a half
day or whole day or longer if required and we can give you a price.  Here at Mr Repair we are always striving to reach high customer satisfaction at the same time as offering affordable prices. Your feed back is always valued.

Our Plumber experience is for all types and size of job. Whether you have a leaking tap,
burst pipe or need a bathroom overhaul, we can help. Call us for problems with
your central heating, cylinders and thermostats. We know exactly what we are
doing and will only do the work that is necessary keeping your costs down.

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Mains Water Stop Valve

An important item to check and sometimes replace in your property before winter comes is your mains water stop valve. This is the only device that can stop water coming into the house in the case of an accident. In 90 % of the cases they are stuck and in very inaccessible places. I have been in an emergency situation where the house was raining water and the customer was waiting for the plumber to stop the water spilling. Trying to stop the water using the stop valve was impossible so  I had to access to the mains water supply stop valve but unfortunately it was full of gravel and I had to dig it out to clean it to be able to then fully stop the water. In the mean time the water was still pouring and the house flooding.  The cause of the leak was corrected and the mains stop valve replaced for a new one to avoid a repeat. I suggested an industrial size dehumidifier to collect the majority of the water from the house.

Another important issue is the garden taps, they commonly burst in the winter time because they don’t have a fitted stop valve or isolating valve. You need a fitted valve to stop water filling the pipe and also make sure you empty the water from the pipe before winter and frosty mornings to avoid any freezing and bursting pipes that could cause  a flood in the house or a unnecessary loss of water.

Please contact us today for any quotes, advise or emergency
plumbing required.  We cover all the local areas and can be called out any hour for plumbing emergencies in and around Surrey and Hampshire. These are some of the areas we cover regularly  Emergency plumber Farnham, Emergency plumber Guildford, Emergency plumber Ash, Emergency plumber Farnham, Emergency plumber Woking and Emergency plumber Farnborough.

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Winter has arrived

We have been busy dealing with constant plumbing emergencies
and have been out to emergencies in Farnham, Farnborough, Guildford and Woking
in the last few weeks as winter fast approaches.  We also carried out handyman work in
Windlesham by fitting together pre built flat pack furniture.

Through the course of  our work we have encountered people that have tried to do a repair themselves especially in the case of tap/showers cartridges.  These fittings are not always as straight forward a  job as they look and these cartridges are fairly expensive to replace if they get damaged.  There are few things you need to bear in mind and few things you need to know before proceeding with this type of job. One thing to be aware of is where are you going to find a replacement. They are not plumbing parts that you can normally find in your local DIY store. If you find yourself in this situation please give us a call as we offer free advise and are always happy to quote on jobs of this type.

With some of the repairs we are called out to deal with the
problem is because of incorrect fittings or inappropriate material that has been
used to complete a job causing future problems. To comply with current
regulations there are some fittings that you must use in certain situations to
avoid contamination of the water supply.

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Ongoing plumbing work

Recently we carried out a plumbing job at a church in Aldershot.  We had to install a floating ball valve in the head tank of an industrial heating system four metres high and access to the tank proved to be a safety issue. We had to find a safe way to gain access to the tank.  This involved going through a soft wall on one side of the tank to gain access to the valve.  Once there we discovered that the original pipe connection had been made  incorrectly so we had to find a new source of water to supply the tank.  This was done by fitting a new mains water pipe to fill the tank and replacement of the valve.  Before we carried out this job my customer had to manually fill the tank and with buckets of water to  keep the system running.

We have also refurbished a toilet/washroom in Guildford. We retiled the walls and floor and changed the toilet to a new design of toilet with a soft closing seat.  Please see photos showing our latest work in detail.

A plumbing emergency in Tongham meant having to sort out a
leak underneath a mobile home.  This involved intricate pipe work and a certain amount of patience and flexibility from the plumber.

A plumbing job in the Egham area meant adding 3 new radiators to an existing potterton combi boiler.  The customer didn’t want to have visible pipes so we had to lift and cut some of the floor boards in order to make all the pipe connections underneath the floor.  This was a very successful job and looked neat and tidy at the finish exactly what our customer required.

We also painted the interior of a property in Guildford. Before the painting could commence the walls needed to be prepared to ensure a smooth and even surface for the perfect smooth and even finish.

When quoting for a job we offer quality products from our suppliers and in some cases this means having to lower our labour prices to stay competitive. We prefer this so that we can continue to work with high quality products and bring long term satisfaction to you our customers. Please note that we are happy to negotiate with you our customers and have plenty of options and different catalogues from various suppliers to make sure you get the best deal from all parties when looking at having larger jobs done like
that new bathroom or a refurbished kitchen.

If you have a plumbing emergency, we cover plumbing emergencies in Guildford, Ash, Aldershot, Farnham, Woking and the surrounding areas. Please do not hesitate to call us, we will also endeavour to get one of our engineers to speak to you over the phone to offer advice if required to help control any leaks before they arrive.

We offer experience and consideration for our customers at Mr Repair and we now accept credit and debit card payments.

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Mr Repair – Paypal Verified

We are happy to annouce Mr Repair is now a Paypal Verified member which means we can accept payments over the phone via Visa , Mastercard , Maestro and Many more cards. This means we can get the paper work completed faster which means getting to your jobs faster! Contact Us Today

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Winter Preparation to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

Please see the latest pictures of the bathroom installation we carried out in Addlestone, Surrey.  They show the bathroom before the work began and the end result.  There are more pictures in our portfolio.



During the winter we receive a lot of emergency call outs due to burst pipes outside.  The reason this happens is because the water freezes and expands in the pipes and this causes the pipes to burst.  To avoid this happening it is best to prepare before the winter arrives.  Suitable pipe lagging (Insulation) is needed along with an isolating valve which stops the water running through to the outside tap and pipe. Then each winter before the really cold weather starts you need to turn off the water to the outside pipes using the isolating valve and clear and water from the outside pipes so there is no water to freeze and expand and therefore no burst pipes saving the cost and hassle of a plumbing emergency.  The same situation happens  in the loft, but many people instead of covering the pipes in lagging they cover the loft with too much insulation this does not stop the pipes bursting and also causes a high amount of condensation which brings it own problems.  For more advice on avoiding these problems, or if you any need any isolation values fitted or pipes insulated to help avoid any unnecessary costs please contact us today.


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Down to Business

We have just fitted a new style basin wall hung cabinet was fitted in a bathroom in Woking.  This makes for convenient storage as well as keeping the pipes hidden and making the bathroom look tidier.  To fit this type of sink the doors were removed and then the basin fitted on top of the cabinet.  A quadrant which is a set of shower doors were also fitted these doors are curved making the bathroom look modern, stylish and visually more spacious.  The shower it’s self has been fitted with a Aqualisi shower valve, this enables use of the shower with a modern showerhead that rotas a complete 360 degrees, meaning a free rotation showerhead that does not move with the shower hose.   The matching accessories all in chrome where also fitted this included a heated towel rail, toilet roll holder, a towel rail and a fitted rack for bathroom accessories in the shower.
The ceiling was painted and new coving was also fitted in a bathroom renovation in Addlestone.
We have also plastered the ceiling of a fitted wardrobe in Tongham and followed up an emergency call in Ash Vale for someone with a leaking washing machine.  This leak was from the cold water main hose connected to the washing machine.  A limescale remover had been fitted at the end of the hose, but a washer was not refitted.   To stop the leaking a rubber washer was fitted to the end of the hose.  Again more happy customers.
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