Down to Business

We have just fitted a new style basin wall hung cabinet was fitted in a bathroom in Woking.  This makes for convenient storage as well as keeping the pipes hidden and making the bathroom look tidier.  To fit this type of sink the doors were removed and then the basin fitted on top of the cabinet.  A quadrant which is a set of shower doors were also fitted these doors are curved making the bathroom look modern, stylish and visually more spacious.  The shower it’s self has been fitted with a Aqualisi shower valve, this enables use of the shower with a modern showerhead that rotas a complete 360 degrees, meaning a free rotation showerhead that does not move with the shower hose.   The matching accessories all in chrome where also fitted this included a heated towel rail, toilet roll holder, a towel rail and a fitted rack for bathroom accessories in the shower.
The ceiling was painted and new coving was also fitted in a bathroom renovation in Addlestone.
We have also plastered the ceiling of a fitted wardrobe in Tongham and followed up an emergency call in Ash Vale for someone with a leaking washing machine.  This leak was from the cold water main hose connected to the washing machine.  A limescale remover had been fitted at the end of the hose, but a washer was not refitted.   To stop the leaking a rubber washer was fitted to the end of the hose.  Again more happy customers.
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