Mains Water Stop Valve

An important item to check and sometimes replace in your property before winter comes is your mains water stop valve. This is the only device that can stop water coming into the house in the case of an accident. In 90 % of the cases they are stuck and in very inaccessible places. I have been in an emergency situation where the house was raining water and the customer was waiting for the plumber to stop the water spilling. Trying to stop the water using the stop valve was impossible so  I had to access to the mains water supply stop valve but unfortunately it was full of gravel and I had to dig it out to clean it to be able to then fully stop the water. In the mean time the water was still pouring and the house flooding.  The cause of the leak was corrected and the mains stop valve replaced for a new one to avoid a repeat. I suggested an industrial size dehumidifier to collect the majority of the water from the house.

Another important issue is the garden taps, they commonly burst in the winter time because they don’t have a fitted stop valve or isolating valve. You need a fitted valve to stop water filling the pipe and also make sure you empty the water from the pipe before winter and frosty mornings to avoid any freezing and bursting pipes that could cause  a flood in the house or a unnecessary loss of water.

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