Winter Preparation to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

Please see the latest pictures of the bathroom installation we carried out in Addlestone, Surrey.  They show the bathroom before the work began and the end result.  There are more pictures in our portfolio.



During the winter we receive a lot of emergency call outs due to burst pipes outside.  The reason this happens is because the water freezes and expands in the pipes and this causes the pipes to burst.  To avoid this happening it is best to prepare before the winter arrives.  Suitable pipe lagging (Insulation) is needed along with an isolating valve which stops the water running through to the outside tap and pipe. Then each winter before the really cold weather starts you need to turn off the water to the outside pipes using the isolating valve and clear and water from the outside pipes so there is no water to freeze and expand and therefore no burst pipes saving the cost and hassle of a plumbing emergency.  The same situation happens  in the loft, but many people instead of covering the pipes in lagging they cover the loft with too much insulation this does not stop the pipes bursting and also causes a high amount of condensation which brings it own problems.  For more advice on avoiding these problems, or if you any need any isolation values fitted or pipes insulated to help avoid any unnecessary costs please contact us today.


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