Plumbing locally

The last few weeks have been very busy again, the bathroom
in Addlestone has been completed it has a walk in shower tray designed to drop
45 litres of water in a minute. It is very low to the ground for easy access
for people with mobility difficulties. The fitting involved going down under
the bathroom floor and fitting the waste pipe to the stag pipe (soil pipe).

In Woking we fitted a concealed bottom flush toilet, that
also involved some re-piping as this is a unique style of toilet with a bottom

A plumbing job in Farnborough meant a new piping system to accommodate
a dishwasher. This involved removal of the piping system hot, cold and waste,
they were then re-routed so the dishwasher could be plumbed in, as before there
was because only 1 cm was left for the pipes.

An emergency call in Ash Vale for a leaking tap found a
standard sink tap fitted in the wrong thickness of a work top meaning the tap connector
was not sealed up because the length of the thread was not enough causing it to

We have also completed more quotes on for a bathroom
Installation in Aldershot, another for a garage to be converted into a washroom
in Woking, this will involve tiling and re piping for the plumbing.

For your free quote please call or email us and we will be
happy to give you a written quote for any jobs required.

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Ongoing bathroom installation

 We have been finishing the bathroom installation in Aldlestone turning an old fashioned bathroom into a lovely new modern shower room, complete with toilet, basin and a new gravity fed shower with a modern walk in show quad tray.  This has involved modifying the waste system that was previously made with iron and copper piping and replacing this with plastic piping. The whole bathroom has been re-tiled this has included the bathrooms walls and floor.  It is now looking beautiful and we shall have some photos on here soon to show you the transformation.

We have fixed a leaking shower, spent part of a day using our handyman skills in Farnham, completing small DIY jobs for a customer that included fitting a new kitchen tap and adjusting kitchen cabinet doors to enable them to close properly. We have also sanded down and re-oiled decking and a patio floor, cleaned mould from the gutters inside and out, getting them in working order ready for the summer rain.  Again replaced another floating ball valve and extended an over flow pipe in Farnborough. As normal a very busy week.

Please do contact us with any queries as always we are happy to help where we can.

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Welcome to the new Mr Repair Site!

Welcome to the launch of our new site, now updated and bursting with more information about who we are and what we do. We appreciate all your feedback, as it helps us as a growing company to improve and keep our services at a top quality level.
We have been busy lately as Spring and Summer appears to be a popular time of year for people to start renovations on their kitchens, bathrooms and general decorating chores. As well as sorting those small DIY jobs that have been pending for a while, and clearing and tidying gardens ready for the Summer use.
Currently we have an ongoing project renovating a bathroom in Addelstone. As with a lot of our work this was generated through a customer recommendation and renovations of this type form a large part of our work.
Daily we are still coping with the plumbing emergencies that occur. Some of the regular work we have carried out in the last few weeks has been changing taps, fixing an over flow pipe, replacing a floating ball value, restoring decking in garden, repairing and painting facia on garage, re-routing pipes and installing radiators, central heating and hot water maintenance, Fit & Expansion Tank installation and many similar jobs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to come and give you a free written quote/estimate for any work required.

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