Welcome to the new Mr Repair Site!

Welcome to the launch of our new site, now updated and bursting with more information about who we are and what we do. We appreciate all your feedback, as it helps us as a growing company to improve and keep our services at a top quality level.
We have been busy lately as Spring and Summer appears to be a popular time of year for people to start renovations on their kitchens, bathrooms and general decorating chores. As well as sorting those small DIY jobs that have been pending for a while, and clearing and tidying gardens ready for the Summer use.
Currently we have an ongoing project renovating a bathroom in Addelstone. As with a lot of our work this was generated through a customer recommendation and renovations of this type form a large part of our work.
Daily we are still coping with the plumbing emergencies that occur. Some of the regular work we have carried out in the last few weeks has been changing taps, fixing an over flow pipe, replacing a floating ball value, restoring decking in garden, repairing and painting facia on garage, re-routing pipes and installing radiators, central heating and hot water maintenance, Fit & Expansion Tank installation and many similar jobs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to come and give you a free written quote/estimate for any work required.

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